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About Us

The Expert Food Adviser

We are an Online Marketplace Strategist focusing on your growth!

We provide expert in-depth knowledge of how to survive and potentially grow your restaurant business online by taking care of various attributes that need utmost importance and a minute eye for details.

All of this on a budget that your business is already spending on it!

Why do you need us?

  • Because Online food delivery is the way to go!

Online food ordering should be the main focus for a restaurant during the COVID times since henceforth, restaurant dine-in will be running at 50% capacity. We will focus on the hardships faced by our restaurant partners by handling your online business marketplace for you. We shall increase your brand presence through online ad/discount marketing strategies, and digital marketing campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. We will also provide help with your offline deliveries through our third-party delivery partner 'Flashh'.


  • Because we have expert knowledge of handling online marketplace

As most online marketplace teams have targets on discount sourcing and ads, it is not necessary you have the best ROI with their offers and effort. With our experience, we will skillfully facilitate it (peak wise discount, carousels, weekday/weekend discounts, combo offers, etc.) and provide inside knowledge of conversions, funnels, ratings along with consumer complaint handling.

  • Because we save time and avoid follow up hassles!

It is often difficult and time consuming for one person to successfully complete jobs like Menu Revision, Discount Strategizing, Payment Management, and Consumer Complaint Management. Add to this the face-to-face meetings with the marketplace point of contact. Foodwiser takes care of an entire load of the online marketplace and provides you tangible data that can be tracked.

  • Because we offer better growth!

As online marketplace teams often have targets on discount sourcing and ads, we will instead use the same percentage of the offer while increasing your profit margins. This will not only reduce your bottom line expenditure but also increase sales, thus maximizing profits and growing your brand!​

Meet The Team

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Pratik Nandy

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A resourceful professional with vast experience in various management roles for a leading food delivery app.

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Akash Roy

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A leader enriched with hotel industry values and a vast experience in restaurant account handling on digital platform.