Can't I manage this myself?
Sure you can! But why not use the services of tried and tested experts! Foodwiser believes that a restaurant owner is at their best when they only manage their outlet, staff, and kitchen. We want to eliminate the extra burden of a restaurant owner. We know the internal working of the online marketplace aggregators and the correct escalation matrices. Our involvement gets every work completed faster. We also provide better growth within the expenses, restaurants already incur. Why not maximize your profit margins with our Unique Selling Points at an almost negligible fee and the additional Value Added Service contact points!
Aren't my profit margins too low to pay for your services?
Menu engineering will yield 6-8% for your overall profit margins right from the start. Foodwiser will deep-dive into discounting and marketing expenses that you already do and maximize your yields. We provide the best Food Consultancy Services at a negligible fee. For example, if we utilize the same discount expense and give a 10-15% more profit margin, why will a restaurant not pay Foodwiser a minimal fee for all the additional Value Added Services.
Is it a good time to invest in Foodwiser?
To be honest, there is no better time than this. As we are already aware of the government policies to reduce dine-ins by a certain percentage, ordering online will be the new normal. Many restaurants have shut doors in these tough times, reducing competition in the market considerably. With the right guidance from Foodwiser, you can potentially be the next leaders in the food industry. Leading online marketplace aggregators will ask for more discount and marketing, and we will help you with our expertise by selecting the correct campaign to yield better ROI, thus saving money in the long run. Our fee is at par with a regular consultant or a hired employee, but with added years of expertise.
Why am I not getting enough business?

We understand and tailor our pitch according to your business needs. For example:

  • POC not responsive - Foodwiser knows internal working to get work done faster

  • Too Much Commission/ Discount/ Promotion - Using the same resources, we engineer it to maximize your profits

  • Incorrect Discounts/ Marketing - We tailor-make the In-App ads and discounts for better ROI.


Why should I trust you?

We at Foodwiser believe in a co-working environment.  We as founders believe in the service and are working round-the-clock with a fully functional team. The process takes around 3 months and we want restaurants to try us for a quarter and only if they are satisfied we will go ahead and renew our contract. We have kept a very low-risk payment v/s opportunity to gain market trust. We are already working with clients across the city and have made official tie-ups with known brands in the food industry.

What if you cannot show me growth?

Growth does not come in one month; it is a continuous process. That is why we have tailor-made a 3-month package and you will only renew it if you find our services valuable. We are only taking up a handful of restaurants at a time to provide the utmost care in our services. We at Foodwiser know the number of orders are fixed. Some restaurants do better because they have the correct guidance. We know the tricks of the trade which will enable you to have an upper hand than your competition. We will save you money by making decisions on your behalf for the best discount strategies and marketing campaigns that the marketplace will offer you, thus increasing ROI and reducing burn rates.